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Imec-NL is part of the Holst Centre

Laboratories and facilities

For a young centre like Holst Centre, being able to count on the support from its mother organizations is of vital importance. Having easy access to the advanced infrastructure of imec and TNO, plus the collaboration with MiPlaza has allowed Holst Centre to focus its investments on those pieces of equipment that really make the difference in the domains of systems-in-foil and wireless autonomous transducer solutions. We thereby create maximum value for our partners by avoiding overhead in more general equipment and measurement tools that are already available elsewhere.

State-of-the-art in-house equipment 
 Large Area Printing
Based in Building 31 of High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Holst Centre houses over 200 office spaces and several smaller laboratories. Nearby, our clean-room environment contains our roll-to-roll research line for large-area printing and coating of systems-in-foil. The recent installation of a lamination tool brings Holst Centre one step closer to demonstrating a complete systems-in-foil manufacturing process on its roll-to-roll R&D line.

Recently, ASM, Holst Centre and MiPlaza have an atomic-layer deposition (ALD) tool newly installed. The tool will support the activities on ultra-low power sensors and other MEMS applications. It is the centerpiece of a joint development project that can open new application domains for ALD.

MiPlaza provides research facilities and services on the High Tech Campus. For Holst Centre, MiPlaza is a vital partner. Their flexible open-innovation business model makes a whole range of agreements possible, from just renting laboratory space to full-service research and prototyping by MiPlaza’s own staff. This allows Holst Centre and its partners to focus on what really matters: coming up with new inventions.
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Imec and TNO
Holst Centre also has easy access to all imec and TNO corporate facilities. Our links with these organizations ensures that virtually any piece of equipment or knowhow is within arm’s reach of our researchers and partner companies.
Just a brief selection:

Imec class 1 clean room with up to 22 nm CMOS processes on 300 mm silicon wafers
(MEMS) processing and testing facilities
TNO rapid prototyping equipment and expertise