2012 International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

30/9/2012 - 04/10/2012  | SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre - Kunstberg - 1000 Brussels - Belgium

Tackling the roadblocks to commercialization: a complete snapshot of the state of EUV lithography

Hosted by imec in cooperation with SEMATECH and EIDEC, this year’s Symposium promises to be the most informative event, committed to addressing challenges and enabling solutions for advancing EUVL. The industry still faces a significant number of challenges for EUVL pilot line insertion in 2012/2013 and also for HVM introduction in late 2013. These challenges include progress in key critical technology issues such as:
- Mask yield and defect inspection/review infrastructure
- Long term reliable source operation for HVM
- Resist resolution, sensitivity and LER met simultaneously

Combined with an increased focus on the insertion opportunities and extendability for EUV lithography

Since EUVL comes closer and closer to commercial insertion, the key insertion challenges and opportunities deserve extra attention as of now. This will be captured by attracting a new list of topics such as :

- Mask architecture: absorber, black border solutions, phase-shift, high NA
- Device integration for (sub-) 20nm logic and memory technologies using EUVL
- EUV patterning challenges: defectivity, stack, and pattern transfer
- Intra- and Inter-layer mix-and-match of EUV with 193i, SADP or DSA
- DSA enhancing EUVL performance (LWR and contact hole repair)
- Technology & CoO comparison of EUVL to 193i lithography
- Extendibility of EUVL by higher NA and/or shorter wavelength

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